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We create & integrate amazing automotive user experiences

Thousands of companies trust in our apps, you could be part of our community too.

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What we do

We know Android Automotive inside out

Whether it is a complete infotainment system or helping you get the most out of Android Automotive, we can take your product to the next level


Like scientists, we base our product decisions in evidence and use research to continually improve our understanding of our users

Evidence-based design

With the developer tools that we created, we can iterate as quickly as with mobile app development

Rapid iterations

Building great software is a multi-disciplinary process. Our designers and developers work together as a single team

Designer-developer collaboration

Our services

Android Automotive infotainment

A bespoke infotainment system

  • A modular approach
    We created an infotainment system that can be adjusted to your product, features, and branding
  • Seamless connectivity
    An infotainment system is not just restricted to the car, but lives outside of it through seamless connectivity with all of our devices
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Additional services

We help you get the most out of Android Automotive

  • Integration advice and education
    We work with companies to ensure that Android aligns with their needs to ensure projects are set-up for success. We share our knowledge with in-house teams to allow them to become self-sufficient in the long term
  • OTA development and tooling
    We understand that modern infotainment systems constantly evolve, so we have developed the tools and techologies to build and deploy OTA updates to vehicles in the field.
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About us

Snapp Automotive is part of the Snapp companies, a stable parent company with a long history of successful project deliveries and access to nearly 150 designers and developers for project scalability and expertise

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Meet our team

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Juhani Lehtimaki
Chief Executive Officer
Juhani Lehtimäki

Founder and director, Snapp Mobile, Snapp Automotive.
10+ years Android development experience & 20+ years software development experience.

Al Sutton
Chief Technology Officer
Al Sutton

Ex-Google Android Staff Engineer. Over 25 years of software development experience with Facebook, Reuters, JP Morgan Chase Manhattan, Deliveroo, and others.

Casper Kessels
Chief Design Officer
Casper Kessels

Specialized in automotive UX research & design. Delivered digital products for a wide variety of companies and startups in the software and automotive industry.

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